Secretly smiled and pushed his glasses and went to make a phone call. He knew the expression of the boss, and it was actually half done.
And the other side
Suluo had a good talk with the leaders of the new district, and the first leader took a message.
"Yes, yes, yes, he’s here with me now. Yes, yes, I’ll give him the message."
After a nod, I looked at suluo strangely and handed the words to suluo, who was drinking tea with alacrity.
"Who asked me to call your mobile phone?"
"Hey, stop asking and answer."
The leaders are going crazy, and the novel gives a wink and crazy hints.
"Who is crooked?"
Big brother, how big is your heart? That’s the boss’s secret. It’s over
The burning goose then became more eye-catching
"Ah, if the boss wants to talk to me, can we talk in words?"
"No, oh, it’s all the same."
Be dumbfounded and lie in the trough
Are you going crazy? The boss wants to talk to you in person. Who gives you courage? I have to have you, too.
There was a sudden reprimand and a change of tone in the words, and all the leaders present were familiar with the sound.
"Listen to me, you little rabbit. A horse rolling in front of me can’t cure you, can it?"
"Don’t, don’t, don’t, boss, I’m in the wrong place. The horse will arrive at noon and sneak away."
A day thunder leaders completely dizzy eagerly surrounded.
"What did you say?"
"What are the boss’s instructions?"
"The boss wants to give you instructions, too. If there’s nothing, just call me to get to him as quickly as possible. Hey, what does the boss like at ordinary times? I just seem to have offended him again. It seems that it’s not easy."
Lift the table and stop playing with you.
Typical, if you get cheap and tell me well, if the prime minister scolds me like that, I will
It’s all tears. The leader is blue and thin.
"Just go quickly. I’ll arrange for the driver to take you there. My license plate road is convenient."
"The public car is not good."
"This is not a private matter."
Kicked suluo out with one foot. What kind of person is that?
The leader clapped his hands and sent suluo away to continue to receive one. Now the major enterprises are busy with their heads.
And suluo is still pushing and pushing in the car.
"It’s really a big boss who talks and we break our legs."
"You can’t talk nonsense if you want me to say it. Hey, hey, if you want me to be named by the boss, it must be a smoke from the ancestral grave."
"Eh, it’s not good to run a red light directly."
"The leader said that the special affairs office must send you in 2 hours. It’s okay. I’m not watching all the red lights."
"Looks like an old hand."
"I always have to meet emergencies."
"Hard work, hard work"
"Where where"
I wish the car had entered the expressway. The car was speeding, and the two of them had a mouth and no mouth to talk.
That’s right. suluo is pretending to force this force, that is, to show the car to the leaders of the new district, and he has a pair of eyes. suluo is sure that when the driver returns, the horse will be asked by the district leaders.
If you want to make things easy in all aspects, this layer of vagueness is better than anything else, which is equivalent to giving an active glad eye. Whether people accept it in the past is another matter, and it is still necessary to do it properly.
On the other hand, it’s not just pretending to be suluo. I really don’t want to see the boss. The boss belongs to the kind of person who can see through your soul at a glance in the vast sea of people. When you look at him, you have to be smashed in seconds. You can’t hide anything from him if he wants to run.
Suluo met the boss in the evening.
As the saying goes, it’s better to come early than just come at the right time. suluo is honored to receive a national standard working meal.
Suluo is starving. Who cares? It’s just a matter of meeting the boss. The purer the character, the better. It’ll be more likable.
"I said you don’t patronize the steak dinner, so tell me in detail what you think about the fantasy land project."

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