Fengyun gently raised her head. "Huh?"

Xiao Yimo looked at her with her mouth open and frowned. "Which one do you choose, Xiao Linchu or Xiao Yimo?"
He can’t wait. It’s better to watch her go further and further on the wrong road. Although he can’t help her stop all the injuries, at least he can be sure to bear them with her.
Fengyun looked at Xiao lightly, and her face was slightly one leng, and she bowed her head guiltily.
I didn’t expect Xiao Yi to be so straightforward to ask.
She knew that he didn’t want to be with her because of his status as a phoenix star, but she already liked Xiao Linchu, and even there was no way to change it in this generation.
Women are actually sad, no matter how careless they seem, but the first person who owns them will always be the one who stays in her heart.
She frowned and didn’t speak. There was a strong sadness in her eyes. Xiao Jinyang followed her wheelchair and looked at Xiao Yi. "You can’t bully Yun Qing, Xiao Liu. After she and Xiao Chu leave, it will be my daughter. You are all elders!"
Xiao is also devoted to blanching and staring at Feng Yun’s light half ring without talking. Feng Yun’s light and sad smile "I should call you YiLiuShu after Little Six …"
Xiao Yimo stepped back a few steps, his eyes were cold and frightening. He stared at Fengyun and muttered softly, "It’s all right so that you won’t get hurt!" "
Fengyun doesn’t know what Xiao Yi said. He turned and sighed and walked towards the Long Autumn Palace.
Haven’t walked into the outer temple far heard the old emperor roar "f * * king I declare you into the palace all this time? You are impatient and dare to ask me to wait for you? "
"I told you that if you don’t stand shoulder to shoulder with your hard wings, I won’t dare to take care of you. I can treat you with disrespect early today and let your generation stay in the prison!"
The old emperor roared with anger. It seems that Xiao Linchu was angry and his illness has recovered.
Xiao Linchu indifference there knife-shaped eyebrows tight knit some impatient emperor roar just want to refute a few words but see Fengyun light came in.
She knelt on her knees and frowned apologetically. "It’s my fault that I fell asleep late. Let the emperor keep you waiting. Let me punish you …"
The old emperor immediately turned hostile and looked gentle. He walked to the front of Fengyun intellectual man fit and pulled up Fengyun light. "Why are your eyes swollen?" Didn’t you sleep well last night? "
Fengyun shook her head lightly, and the old emperor took her to sit in a chair on one side. Fengyun looked at the old emperor lightly and uneasily, but the old emperor didn’t agree with her about being late for sleeping.
Xiao Liancheng is watching and sighing. Xiao Jinyu is staring at Fengyun with great interest with a smile.
Xiao is also devoted to the face, and it is difficult to see the cool and elegant eyebrows, which are tightly corrected together.
Xiao Jinyang sat in a wheelchair and looked at Feng Yunqing kindly and gently.
Even Xiao Qi Xiao, who had never met before, blinked his eyes and cocked his head to look at Feng Yunqing.
The old emperor asked Feng Yun to be caring and attentive. She didn’t even eat breakfast, and she ordered the imperial kitchen to prepare breakfast.
Xiao Liancheng is extremely angry. What the hell? He didn’t have breakfast when he got up early in the morning, but he was late for a cup of tea and was carried by the old emperor for a long time, and his ears were weak for a while.
Feng Yunqing is still discussing with the old emperor whether it is better to count sheep or stars when insomnia occurs. The guards outside have brought Zhang Qianqian and Zhan Yan.
The old emperor didn’t look at the two men and frowned coldly. "Kneeling and waiting …"
Yan Yan and Zhang Qianqian looked pale and Yan Yan spent a few days in prison, and their image fell and they knelt there, but they were not radiant on weekdays.
Fengyun gently got up from his chair. "Father, otherwise, let’s get started!"
The old emperor shook his head "what’s the hurry? Your Royal Highness said that Osmanthus Jelly is your favorite food. Go and try it and see whether it’s Osmanthus Jelly in the palace or your aunt’s skill … Chapter 148 She doesn’t even have any profit value for him, does she?
Chapter 148 She doesn’t even have profit value for him, does she?
The old emperor shook his head "what’s the hurry? Your Royal Highness said that you like Osmanthus Jelly best. Go and try it and see if it’s the palace Osmanthus Jelly or your aunt’s craft … "
Fengyun pursed her lips and smiled happily, holding the old emperor’s arm. "Thank you, Father!"
The old emperor laughed and pulled Fengyun away from it, ten years younger.
They talked and laughed all the way, but the emperors were depressed behind them.
Xiao Liancheng walked over with a big mouth and patted Xiao Jinyu on the shoulder. "Jinyu, do you think this phoenix is the father’s own daughter? Are we all picking it up?"
Xiao Jinyu glanced at Xiao Liancheng and smiled without a word.
He thinks it’s good that my father can be accompanied by Fengyun, who is a clown and has the ability to make people laugh at any time. It’s human nature for my father to love her and spoil her.
Xiao Liancheng put his hands around his chest and said angrily, "I’m furious when I’m late for a cup of tea. Feng Yun is too late to have breakfast. Is it too different?"
Xiao Jinyang Nai took a look at Xiao Liancheng. "You are the fourth uncle of Yunqing after Xiao Si is not allowed to speak ill of Yunqing behind his back. You should love her more when she joins my name!"
Xiao Liancheng stare big eyes Xiao Jinyang stare big eyes only Xiao Linchu look ugly.
Xiao ran white before skipping. "After that, Feng Yunqing will also call me Uncle Yiqi. Great, I’m going to be an uncle!"
Xiao Jinyang whisking knocked Xiao dyed white one "Feng Yunqing is also your name? It’s no big deal, it’s no small call! "
Xiao ran a white drum mouth. "Big Brother doesn’t love me. I’ll go find my father!"
He skipped away from Xiao Zhenwei but eyebrows a wrinkly came along. "Eldest brother, you can’t do this. Fengyun is light with Saner and divorced. Isn’t there me? I can marry her. You can’t just accept your adopted daughter and leave us no chance! "
Xiao Jinyang didn’t say anything, but Xiao Linchu’s face was hard to see. He gritted his teeth and looked at Xiao Zhenwei coldly. "Do you want to die, second child?"
Every word is cold, and Xiao Zhenwei bursts through his teeth. There is no doubt that he may kill people at any time
Xiao Zhen weft suo suo neck stepped back not to talk Xiao Liancheng grabbed melons and chewed them up from the table.
Outside, the eunuch sang, "The imperial concubine is married to the Shu concubine, the Ru concubine is married to …"
Well, all your mothers are here to watch this grand farewell ceremony.

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