No … There is another man besides him.

Kotomine Kirei thought so in his heart, but verbally he obeyed his father.
The number one enemy in Kotomine Kirei’s heart has always been Emiya Kiritsugu, an elusive magician killer who even said that Ye Yu can’t compare with him.
Because Kotomine Kirei doesn’t know what is the reason why a guy like Emiya Kiritsugu pursues the Holy Grail, in Ye Yu’s eyes, Kotomine Kirei can see the strong belief and what belief he wants to protect. Surely he must love his wife very much?
But Emiya Kiritsugu is different. In the eyes of Emiya Kiritsugu, Kotomine Kirei can’t see anything. It is as empty as himself.
What is your purpose in pursuing the Holy Grail … Emiya Kiritsugu?

"Incredibly … it’s so easy to get it. Extra spell."
When she left the Templar Church, Alice Phil still didn’t believe it, muttering that it was too easy to get this additional mantra, which made her a little hard to imagine.
"It’s normal that the supervisor will definitely not tamper with the spell. After all, there are so many people watching me. I think their purpose this time is simply to find out the origin of Flandora?"
"So … Flandora’s hidden identity has been exposed?"
"Now it seems that I can’t hide it. After all, the real Caser used those magic tricks before he died to let everyone see the possibility that he might be Berserker. Although no one can determine Fran’s real rank yet, no one will definitely treat her as Caser."
Ye Yu said with a sigh.
"Moreover, the race of Flandora should be probably guessed. Vampires should not be strange creatures to him, the supervisor of the Temple Church."
"This ….. this has been guessed? That’s a little dangerous. "
Listen, Ye Yu said that, and Alice Phil’s face became a little ugly. If you know that the Flemish race is a vampire, it will be too simple to target it.
"It’s just to prepare for the worst, but the estimate is almost the same. Even if it’s uncertain, it’s doubtful. If the enemy Servan happens to have a treasure for vampires, they won’t suffer."
"Don’t worry, I’m not afraid of weapons like Maser."
On the other side, Flandora didn’t care about the sound.
"Now I’m a hero, and the way is the most perfect life. I don’t have the original weakness of vampires now. It’s just a habit to feel sleepy during the day, and there’s no point in being hit by weapons against the situation. If you are stabbed in the heart, is it an attribute restraint weapon?"
"Well, you’re right, but it’s better to be careful."
"Well, don’t worry, Maser. I won’t let Scarlett’s name be humiliated on my body. If that happens, my sister will be unhappy, won’t she?"
In response to Ye Yuxin’s laughter, Flanders gave an answer. A group of people left Dongmu City and returned to the Farewell in Ainz Belem, a suburb.
Chapter 131 Booze
Night falls again in the forest of Ainz Belem.
The night is still dark and quiet, and I don’t intend to take the initiative to go out and look for trouble. Ye Yu still intends to rest early tonight.
But although Ye Yu didn’t take the initiative to find another thing, the trouble was to take the initiative to find you.
There was a roar in the whole Einsbelen. The roar came from close-range thunder, and then the magic impact meant that the forest boundary outside the city had been attacked. Although the boundary was not so easy to destroy things, the technique had been destroyed.
"What’s the matter … a positive breakthrough?"
A pair of powerful arms held Alice Phil’s shoulders, which was the first time that Ye Yu’s arms appeared beside her after discovering the change.
"Are you okay? Alice Phil "
"Well, I was shocked. I didn’t expect such a disorderly guest to visit."
"Ah, I almost know who the visitor is."
Ye Yu said this with a wry smile. There should be no one else except the conqueror Rider.
"Let’s go. Since we’re visiting, that’s the guest. Let’s welcome the guest together."
Ye Yu said this, and Alice Phil nodded and went forward with Ye Yu, which meant that she had to face the enemy herself, but the battlefield was the safest place for Alice Phil because her husband was by her side.
"Flandora, are you there?"
"Well, my rare night here has been ruined by a rash man."
Accompanied by a wave of magic, Flanders showed her figure beside Ye Yu and Alice Phil. The girl rose slightly and her mouth seemed very unhappy.
Ye Yu was funny and touched the unhappy girl’s head. Soon a group of people crossed the castle and targeted the porch terrace. Since it was the other side attacking from the front, it should be possible for him to meet there.
"It seems that Fran also knows who the visitor is?
"This thunder and this tactic … who else will there be besides that stupid Rider?"
"I think so."
Alice Phil recalled that a few days ago in Warehouse Street, she witnessed the powerful power of the treasure "Shenwei Wheel" wrapped around the Raytheon ox chariot-that kind of treasure can easily destroy the magic circle set in the forest once it releases its power.
"Hey little girl! I came to meet you specially. Come out quickly? "
This sound is from the hall. It seems that the other party has entered the main entrance. There is no doubt that the enemy is Wang Yisi Candal. Listening to his gas-filled cry, the tone doesn’t sound like a fighter who is about to fight.
Ye Yu and others finally came to the terrace through the corridor … However, when the three men saw the enemy Servan holding out his chest in the hall through the skylight, they suddenly didn’t know what to say.
"Hey, little girl, I wanted to see you after I heard that you had eliminated the illegal Servan. I have to say that you did a good thing that made people feel happy, but I still have to settle accounts with you for robbing my prey."
Rider smiled with shame and bared his teeth, then he moved his neck in a serious way.
"There are too many trees in and out of the courtyard, which is too inconvenient to get to the gate. I almost got lost. So I cut some for you. Thank me. The view has become much better."
"Rider, little girl, little girl is not a name that can make people feel happy."

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