Song Tingfeng gave a shy smile, "I’m not picky."

So accommodating?
Xiao Jing looked at him suspiciously and picked out three or four magic weapons in the bag.
"Great, I like it very much." Song Tingfeng took it and said, "Anything else?"
Xiao Jing took out two rare magic weapons but was rejected.
"Pick what you want" said Xiao Jing and handed him the bag.
"This … is not good?"
After saying his word, Song listened to Feng Xi Xi and took the bag with a smile, happily picking and taking out a lot of gadgets that Xiao Jing had bought.
"That’s it?"
He can’t even look at these things. Do you want them?
Song Tingfeng was afraid that he would go back on his word and quickly put it in the ring. "I don’t want you to move."
Xiao Jing always feels that he has met a fool/Han with black lines.
Suddenly white light flashed two figures appeared in the nearby.
"Is Master’s treasure nearby?"
This sound is very familiar with Xiao Jing’s first sight of Liu Changyuan coming with Liu Yuan Bai and sighing unlucky.
"Is the fire phoenix born to wait for a treasure?"
"It’s a famous sword", so what famous sword Lu Changyuan can’t say for sure.
Liu Yuan Bai holds his heart more and more anxious, as if there is a voice saying that the sword is him!
That’s his chance.
This feeling is too wonderful, even if it is master, he dare not reveal it.
Fortunately, the master is willing to accompany him, otherwise he may miss the opportunity.
He has a famous sword, but he is still not satisfied.
Violet sword in hand, but like a sword in the throat, others always feel the diaphragm
Kuang Qinglian’s sword has a sword spirit, but she refuses to communicate with him. Does she look down on people?
Five fingers folded Liu Yuan Bai’s face was not obvious, but he secretly made a determined effort. Once he got another famous sword, he melted the violet sword.
The sword is dirty and destroyed, so as not to be an eyesore and upset him.
"Bai Er, what are you thinking?"
Liu Yuan Bai smiled sweetly and said, "That’s very kind of you, Master."
Song listened to Feng’s aversion to cold and followed suit. "It’s very kind of you, Master."
Xiao Jing raised his eyebrows as if he had heard the wild night and Tan was surprised and asked, "You don’t like him?"
The protagonist’s charm is invincible in the plot, and all ages have different feelings for him.
It seems that the protagonist is fascinated by the aura of the heartthrob.
Song Tingfeng heard that he felt sick and disgusted. "He has a black spirit haunting the kids, and it is harmful to people’s hearts."
Xiao Jing’s sighing and observing the sky is really unique. Even Yuan Bai, who is pretending to sew a willow, has seen through it.
"Teacher younger brother, don’t be afraid that he took your violet sword, and I will find you a hundred times fairy sword."
"No, I’m afraid …"
Song listen to maple tilting head missed from his nose brush nearly close contact.
Xiao Jing gnashed her teeth next to him. "This hidden magic weapon has a time limit and we will be exposed if they don’t leave."
"What?" Song listen to maple frightened to disgrace and time limit?
Yes, this cloak is really getting smaller.
Xiao Jing exhaled a foul breath and gritted his teeth in his heart and said, "Don’t fool me."
Those two are outside. If they are exposed, they will be in trouble again.
Tong Gu made a very small excuse: "Discounters are cheap and no good goods are like this."

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