广州桑拿论坛,广州品茶网,广州条友网,广州蒲友论坛 约茶品茶工作室 "The last thing is Duan Yanqing. After you plead guilty to Duan’s ancestors, go to Tianlong Temple and become a monk!" He wanted to say the last condition.

"The last thing is Duan Yanqing. After you plead guilty to Duan’s ancestors, go to Tianlong Temple and become a monk!" He wanted to say the last condition.

"I’m Yanqing too abdicated after the haircut into the temple MuGong this is in the old posterior all want to good …"
Duan Yanqing trance feel always pressure in my heart big stone relaxed a lot, although the bottom of my heart is still angry with the throne, but his guanyin son also have to do.
"Duan Yanqing, you don’t want this dead sample. The Dali throne has always been in your pulse!
Although it is now the reign of Emperor Baozheng, Emperor Baozheng has no heir. According to Dali custom, the throne must be given to Duan Zhengchun!
And Duan Zhengchun can give Duan Yu a hundred years later-"Just then, he paused and sighed," and Duan Yu is you and long-haired Guanyin! ! !”
"Duan … Duan Yu! ! ! Actually … Yes, it’s him! ! !” Duan Yanqing was surprised by the scenes of his meeting in Duan Yu in the past.
At that time, he was surprised to find that Duan Yu looks exactly the same as when he was young! ! !
"Ha … ha … ha ha …" Duan Yanqing thought that he had tried one thousand ways to kill Duan Yu, terrified and glad to cry and laugh for a while, like a "Fan4 jin4" mental derangement.
It’s true that after the abdication of the right knee of Emperor Baozheng in Dali, it was naturally Duan Zhengchun who was the emperor, while Duan Zhengchun was over 100 years old but had such a "son" as Duan Yu.
After a hundred years, Dali’s mercy will naturally fall to Duan Yu. On the other hand, it has returned to the hands of Dali orthodox Yanqing Taiyi pulse! ! !
At this time, Duan Yanqing was terrified that he almost killed his own son, and he was happy that Dali finally returned to his blood, crying and laughing.
It took him a long time to calm down and ask who the long-haired Guanyin was, and there was no need to ask if he had lost a branch and fell to the ground to knock Mufu for three heads and then quietly left.
It looks as if he is ten years older every day. Duan Yanqing is filled with emotion. In the novel "Dragon Department", although Duan Yanqing is the worst and most cruel of the "four villains" in the Dragon Department, he suffers the most, and he has been suffering because he can’t get hope.
However, in Datura Villa, when he knew that Dao Baifeng was the woman in white twenty years ago, his heart was filled with awe and passion, and he could not say how excited he was when he knew that he was going to kill Duan Yu.
He has never had a relationship with men and women in his life, but suddenly he knows that there is another one in the world with his own blood and joy, and he feels that fame, honor and imperial inheritance are absolutely precious.
This completely rescued Duan Yanqing from darkness and despair and became a "person" again, which is very similar to what Duan Yanqing saw with his eyes …
87 Guo Yang’s ancestors made a ridiculous remark.
After Duan Yanqing left, he was returning to Xiaojing Lake to see that Wang Yuyan, Arjun, A Bi and A Zi had all recognized their father and daughter in Duan Zhengchun.
So he smiled and walked over and pulled Wang Yuyan to his side. "Duan Wangye, I don’t know if you have plans for your father-daughter reunion?"
"This ….." Duan Zhengchun face a stiff theory these daughters are biological in Dali at least is a monarch.
However, when I think that the real wife Dao Baifeng is still in her "cold war", I feel a little worried, so I hesitate to arrange for four daughters.
"Duan Wangye is worried about the princess?" It is asked.
Duan Zhengchun was surprised when he heard the proper words. "How do you know … ahem? I mean, do you know much about my Dali folk customs? ?”
"I don’t know much about it, but for a mother, the most natural thing that can make her feel relieved is that she loves her son." The corner of her mouth is pointing to Duan Yu, who is in a daze
"Oh, yes, yes." Duan Zhengchun remembered that he was going out to find Duan Yu, who ran away from home, so that Dao Baifeng could feel relieved, but he forgot for a while because of Ruan Xingzhu.
At this time, when he heard that he was awake, he thought about it, so he was happy again and looked at his four daughters. "Yan Yan, Arjun, A Bi, A Zi, you all went back to Dali with Dad and asked each of you for a monarch!" ! Hahahaha! "
"Father … and Wan Mei and Ling Mei …" Duan Yu’s expression woke up at a side.
"Ah yes and Wan’er and shine together with me back to Dali! !” Duan Zhengchun’s face showed a bright smile and his words were high-spirited
This is because the arch-rival Duan Yanqing, who has been pressing on his mind, has since vanished and has recognized so many beautiful daughters.
"Then thank Duan Wangye for my cousin!" He was holding his fist and glanced at Arju. "By the way, Qiao Feng, the leader of Arju Beggars’ Guild, please ask Duan Wangye to do it now!"
"Do it! When I get back to Dali, I’ll let Ah Zhu and the others confess their ancestors, and then I’ll send someone to the general altar of Luoyang Beggars’ Sect to kiss Master Joe! " Duan Zhengchun wanted to slow this matter down, but now he is "not available" and it is not good to refuse again when he comes out in public.
Moreover, he has also seen that Zhu is interested in Qiao Feng, and Qiao Feng’s name is prominent and he is the leader of the Beggars’ Sect. He also agreed to come.
He just nodded and said that he had finally washed away the tragic aura for Qiao Feng. Then he wanted to find the two "old tricks" Mubo and Xiao Yuanshan and resolve their grievances.
But it’s very difficult to do it simply. After all, this Xiao Yuanshan Mubo is a bloody feud that can’t wash away the hatred between the country and the enemy … Is this good? ?
While thinking about it, Duan Zhengchun said goodbye and then led Wang Yuyan to leave the bank of Xiaojing Lake, bypassing the willow forest and directly returning to Xinyang City.
Just after Wang Yuyan returned to Xinyang City, he saw two Han people furtively looking at themselves. A closer look revealed that the two men winked at each other, took a few steps and went straight to him. Then they bowed to him and presented a big red name card.
It was receiving a four-line post saying, "Su Xinghe was invited to visit Leigu Mountain in Henan Province on the first day of February to play chess."
"Jane chess? Did Cliff send an invitation so early? "
After reading the famous post, he nodded to the two Han people and replied, "Thank you, Mr. Da Congbian, for your kindness and will be there at that time!"
The two Han people’s faces lit up, and their mouths were making dumb gestures. It turned out that both of them were dumb, and they didn’t understand that the other party was so happy that they waved away.
It’s just after October, and there are still three months to go before the Leigu Mountain chess game. Just when he felt that the time had come, he and Wang Yuyan found Jia Yue to come to the restaurant for dinner.
Entered the door and took a seat. He was looking for some dining tables at 2 o’clock. He was just about to ask Wang Yuyan if he particularly wanted to eat. Suddenly, he heard someone behind him "pa" and shouted, "This gusu longed for something! !”
"What? What happened to me? " It is wondering back to see behind him across a few tables and chairs, a white-faced man aggrieved and said to his blue-faced companion
"In just half a month, the retired elders of the Beggars’ Sect, Xu Chongxiao, Taishan Wuxiong, Tan Gong Tan Po, Qiansun Zhao and the master of Zhiguang, died suddenly!
After investigation, they all died of their own famous stunts? Jianghu can do this, but who else can do it? "
"Lying trough? ! There can be many people! It’s possible for Xiao Yuanshan Mubo to seek wisdom. Brother, don’t fire a map gun if you are ignorant! " It is the bottom of my heart vomit a groove surface but still continue to listen.
"Guo Dage said it makes sense, but some of my foolish brothers are not white, and all these people, such as Mount Tai, Five Heroes, Tan Gong and Tan Po, have been involved in Suzhou for a long time, but they have all been killed by Mu Fu?" Blue-faced Han wondered
"Yes! Even I can’t figure out why I’ve been hiding in Xiaojing Lake. How can these people be dragged into me again?
Besides, didn’t Qiao Feng stay in the Beggars’ Sect? Why are these people still dead? ? ? "It is in the heart crazy shout ears but listen carefully to the white-faced han one by one.
"Don’t worry, Yang Xiandi. Let me ask you something. Are there similarities between Elder Xu, Tan Gong Tan Po Qiansun Zhao and Mount Tai Wuxiong?" Guo white-faced Han sells the way
"This ….. with all due respect, it’s totally different that these people come from all parts of the Jianghu and finish their work on weekdays, right? How can there be similarities? ?” Yang Han don’t understand
"Ha ha, Yang Xiandi didn’t know that these people were invited by mysterious people in the middle of the month to attend the beggar’s tin rudder Xinglin conference! ! !”
Guo surnamed Han mysteriously said, "I heard that Qiao Feng, the leader of the Beggars’ Sect, resigned from the position of the leader at the Xinglin Conference and later became the leader again for some reason."
"Well … my foolish brother has heard about it. I heard that it was a riot in Xixia, and Wang Joe fought off a master who rescued the Beggars and returned to the Beggars!
But what do they have when Gusumu kills Tan Gong and Tan Po? ? "Asked Yang Han more white.
"Hum reason is out here! !” Guo Han’s mouth smiled strangely and whispered, "I heard that Qiao Feng of Xinglin Congress was shaken out by several people, Tan Gong Tan Po Qiansun Zhao, before he resigned as the leader of the Beggars’ Sect!
But what Tan Gong Tan Po Qiansun Zhao did was instigated by the Gusu Mufu to force back and suppress the eponymous Qiao Feng. Now, when the plan failed, it was covered up! ! ! “
"I go to your brother-in-law! Old this is’ people take the blame at home every day’? !”
When I heard this, I couldn’t help but immediately turn around and shout, "Where did the little beast talk big here? ! !”

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