广州桑拿论坛,广州品茶网,广州条友网,广州蒲友论坛 桑拿夜网 "What are you packing? Don’t learn by bike. I don’t know that you are Zhou Fugui, the chairman of Huanyu Group. Is that a big outbreak? What am I suing? Don’t you really like the teacher? Then you have to take me to my parents to give me a birthright? "

"What are you packing? Don’t learn by bike. I don’t know that you are Zhou Fugui, the chairman of Huanyu Group. Is that a big outbreak? What am I suing? Don’t you really like the teacher? Then you have to take me to my parents to give me a birthright? "

Ye Qingcheng sneers and secretly gloats. I can’t believe that I can’t cure you. I can’t believe that you are only 19 years old and dare to take your teacher back to see dad and say that this is my wife.
"So you would have investigated me? Take you to meet your parents, and my dad will definitely support me. "When Zhouyi arrived at Ye Qingcheng’s pretty face, it didn’t show a smile. Angry, he immediately decided to throw caution to the wind and pretend to be a different woman. Because even if he really told Zhou Fugui about it, he might be elated and praise Zhouyi, shine on you, and, which is better than blue. It can’t be known by Master Zhoushan. If Master knows, he will definitely scold Zhouyi for fooling around and maybe get a fist in France.
"Well, if you answer so quickly, it seems to be a little sincere. Then ask your father. I’ll go to your home on Saturday to meet your parents. If your father agrees to our association, I’ll take you to see my parents. My mother can’t go abroad. My grandfather’s name is Ye Mingzhong, and he is the principal and director of our school.
Ye Qingcheng nodded and said that her face was conspiring because she was sure of Zhouyi, and even if she had the courage to take herself to see his father Zhou Fugui, she didn’t have the courage to see Ye Chongye.
"The principal leaf weight is this bitch grandpa? No wonder she’s afraid that this bitch is powerful enough. It’s really a trap to go around for a long time! " Zhouyi has a feeling of being cheated, but he naturally won’t lose so quickly and give up pursuing Ye Qingcheng easily. Now he is finding Ye Qingcheng more and more interesting, and there is something similar to himself that is very harmonious.
"Teacher Ye, since you are afraid that the old headmaster won’t agree, let’s just cook uncooked rice into mature rice, and then we will have to agree."
Zhouyi bad laughed and continued to shame
"That can’t be done. I’m a unified woman. Although I don’t want my parents to make a matchmaker’s words, my ex-roommate is not allowed. You’re a man who doesn’t care about women’s feelings at all. Besides, you’re not the only one who chases me. Even if there isn’t one, there are several reinforced rows."
Ye Qingcheng’s face flew over a piece of hongxia, but her heart was filled with anger, but she still suppressed her anger and continued to bicker with Zhouyi. She knew that if she showed anger in front of Zhouyi, she would have lost before the battle. Of course, this was also the valuable experience she gained after several struggles with Zhouyi.
"Ok, that’s settled. I have to tell you that I have a child bride in my family. When the time comes, you will be my first wife or my second wife. You two have to discuss it again. I only stopped you from reversing when I made out with my child bride’s wife."
Zhouyi wore a leaf of the whole heart and still with a smile.
After listening to the words of Zhouyi, Ye Qingcheng couldn’t help being angry any longer, but just at this time, when the class bell rang, Zhouyi immediately left the office and went to the classroom to leave Ye Qingcheng where to stamp his feet and get angry.
However, after being angry, Ye Qingcheng felt a little strange, especially recalling the ambiguous posture that Zhou Yi had just held a thigh around his waist, and his heart felt shy.
"Do you want to go to see Zhouyi’s father for a home visit? This little boy is determined to chase me. He spent a lot of time thinking about this at an early age, and naturally he can get it. When the time comes, even my grandfather and I are sorry that Zhou Fugui donated tens of millions to the school."
Ye Qingcheng’s heart was hard to decide at the moment. Although she believed that Zhouyi wouldn’t dare to say that she was his girlfriend in front of his father, she still didn’t know whether she should go to Zhouyi’s home for a home visit. Now she thinks that Zhouyi hates that new habit, but when Zhouyi bar saved her, she was so brave that she was amazed and surprised. At this moment, she felt that she didn’t know what Zhouyi really was like, but a rich second generation rode a bicycle to learn this, which many people didn’t understand.
There is nothing wrong with the appearance and taste of Shi Ye Qingcheng that there is a strengthened platoon for her pursuers. This is still for those people with some backgrounds. If you count those toads who want to eat swan meat, it is estimated that they can be ranked from Japan University to the West Lake.
Ye Qingcheng didn’t have any classes in this class, so she stayed in the office and suddenly remembered some of her past.
Ye Qingcheng’s grandmother died early, and her parents divorced. She lived with her grandfather since childhood and studied the rules of life. She came to others every day. She was a clever girl, but her heart was also painful. After her parents divorced, her mother died when she was ten years old, and then her father went to the United States. If she didn’t come back to live with her, she would have Ye Chong.
However, Ye Qingcheng lived up to her expectations. After graduating from Beijing Foreign Studies University, she returned to Hangzhou to teach at her grandfather’s founding day university, which was also considered to have inherited her grandfather’s career.
Ye Qingcheng’s life is not too unhappy except for her parents’ divorce. If she doesn’t go out, she will get married like her ordinary and happy woman, and live a mediocre life.
Flat and light is the truth that the whole leaf is white, but I vaguely feel that this is not my own life.
This is such a mess thinking about Ye Qingcheng’s words rang.
As soon as I got to the familiar number, Ye Qingcheng stabilized her emotions first, and then she got through because she didn’t want the man to show too many mood swings.
"The whole where are you? I came to your school. "There came a gentle and elegant voice with a magnetic voice.
University of Japan is
"How can you have it? We haven’t seen each other for a long time, right?"
Ye Qingcheng asked calmly that the man who was talking was her prospective boyfriend, but if there was no big accident, she would walk into the marriage hall hand in hand with this man. This man was Ye Qingcheng’s first so-called boyfriend, the kind of childhood friend.
"I met you once after you graduated from college, so I came to you specially today." In the words, the man still speaks slowly and the speed is steady.
"SiTuXuan SiTuChairman, are you here to be a lobbyist? Chapter 45 Passing away.
Ye Qingcheng listened to this and asked, "If you want to be a lobbyist, you don’t have to. The school is my grandfather’s lifelong effort, and I will definitely inherit it. Besides, I don’t like or am not used to shopping malls."
"The whole city can’t come to school except asking you to join us. You don’t forget what we are." The man named Situxuan laughed in his words, but this man Lian Xiao got up and laughed steadily. It was very strange that he neither rejoiced nor did it.
"That won’t wave you?" Ye Qingcheng paused and asked, "Where are you? I just don’t have a class. If you’re not a lobbyist, let’s eat here in the afternoon. "
"When you can make money, of course, you can also come to the waves, but being with you is a kind of enjoyment. I will wait for you here in the fountain square of the school."
Situxuan gentle tone up but leaves the whole still feel is smooth.
There is a BMW 7 parked in the fountain square of the school. A sunny man leans against the BMW with a cigarette. He is wearing Versace’s casual figure, tall, white clothes, black trousers and shiny shoes. His hair is a little shiny. He holds the latest luxury mobile phone in his hand. His fingers are slender like those of a piano artist.
The ancients came to shape a handsome man who was successful in fresh clothes, so this man can come to shape in fresh clothes and BMW. He just quietly attracted many people’s attention, including the little girls at the beginning of the school, the college girls who were in love with spring, and even the teachers who wore black glasses and hot young women with black silk. Of course, there are also many men, most of whom are boys and men, who will feel ashamed when they get to him, because this young man is so dignified and so eye-catching because he is quietly there.
This man is naturally calling Ye Qingcheng Situxuan. He is a famous Confucian businessman in Hangzhou. Situhao was once Ye Qingcheng’s grandfather, Ye Chong’s student. Qian Yejia and Situjia lived in the same courtyard. Situxuan and Ye Qingcheng grew up together as childhood friends.
Ye Qingcheng and Situxuan have been regarded as a pair of golden couple since childhood, and they have been studying together since kindergarten until.
When I was in college, Ye Qingcheng was admitted to Beijing Foreign Studies University and Situ Xuan was admitted to Fudan University. This can also be seen that Ye Qingcheng was born in a beautiful place in the south of the Yangtze River, but she is a bit like a northern girl. Relatively speaking, she prefers Beijing with rich flavor, while Situ Xuan is a downright feminine southerner. He prefers a big city like the national economy and the sea of hearts.
In the four years of college, Ye Qingcheng devoted herself to her studies. Although there were many people chasing her, she ignored them and provoked her. In these four years, she not only mastered foreign languages, history, philosophy, etc., but also was very calm. She was not worried about her future work because she wanted to inherit her grandfather’s career in the future. Ye Qingcheng said that her four years of college were down-to-earth and diligent, but she was young and flying for four years. The knowledge she had learned in meditation would be affected by the next generation.
Situxuan didn’t have to do badly in college, but he dropped out of school for two years and went to a company. He didn’t rely on his father Situhao’s help, but raised money to run a company that produces pressure devices and belongs to the machinery manufacturing industry.

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