广州桑拿论坛,广州品茶网,广州条友网,广州蒲友论坛 品茶论坛 Yanling city can make the handmaiden department of Chad Princess Palace interrogate it again, and many of them have to be tortured.

Yanling city can make the handmaiden department of Chad Princess Palace interrogate it again, and many of them have to be tortured.

At this time, Wen Guifei, who was grounded, rushed out to plead with De Fei.
"She is a palace theme is the slave has a princess palace spices also can’t say what how can you search the palace? Call the four emperors’ faces? " Wen Guifei knelt down and begged Yanling City Road
"My love princess said it was also thoughtless. What about this … my love princess?" The donkey on the slope of Yanling City God knows he doesn’t want to search either.
"Male and female servants’ humble opinion is that the handmaiden didn’t serve well, which led to the accident of Yuzhaoyi. Yuzhaoyi’s consort has always been close to the spice. Presumably, it is said that the handmaiden named Ye Er is not honest to go out if she doesn’t serve well." Wen Guifei said.
"Love princess … what also want to have a replacement" Yanling city way.
"De Fei is at most punished for poor care. It would be ugly to search the palace." Wen Guifei said.
"Well, that’s right. Then do it. You don’t have to be grounded. Go back and rest." Yanling City laughed.
Wen Guifei thanked her and went out. She grinned at the corner of her mouth. What did De Fei do with herself? Now it’s like asking for help after defending her.
When this incident was about to subside, another incident happened in the harem.
A handmaiden who served a talented person in her early years threw herself into the well and cried for grievances. Before she died, she wrote a complaint, every word of which accused De Fei of killing her master Li Cairen.
How many people actually remember that Li Cairen? There’s not even a woman who died of illness and death, and there’s no family that just quietly sent it out.
But when it came out, it became a big event, and everyone suddenly realized that Princess De’s hands were also bloodstained. This original anger subsided and broke out again. Chapter 33 Su Wen’s retreat
Because the handmaiden who threw herself into the well also said that the princess had searched the palace for some shady things, it was bound to go, and no one could say anything. This time, the imperial concubine no longer pleaded, and she was closed at home.
De Fei sat in her palace and turned pale. That talented person was killed by her, but it was all Wen Guifei’s meaning. Yes, it’s hard to say now. Wen Guifei hinted but never got her hands dirty.
Where is she going to explain?
At the same time, the situation outside the palace is also chaotic
At this time, the courtiers who supported san huang attacked the four emperors like crazy, and Yanchu gradually felt that it was difficult to support himself.
"What do you say at this time?" Yanchu sat in the room and asked.
"It is extremely dangerous to seize the office, and it seems to me that I will cross the rubicon." After a long silence, Mr. Zhao said lightly that he was alone, dead or alive, and he had only one life since ancient times as a counselor, and he was no exception.
"Nonsense! Now this situation … "Mr. Zhang said not to go.
"Then wait for death? Is the painstaking management of the temple destroyed like this? " Mr. Zhao asked
Mr. Zhang can say that he can sigh.
"If you want to cross the rubicon, someone needs us. We can’t get into Beijing." Yanchu said.
"Qi Changshou people are loyal, but people have weaknesses. He is 57 years old this year. It’s a pity that a son and a daughter have become married, but they are only seven years old. That’s his penis! If we hold this penis, we are not afraid that he will not cooperate to take the Vientiane Palace, the capital of the city, and the temple will be mastered by the imperial edict … Who will dare to object to the new emperor? At that time, san huang had to bow his head even if he was numerous. Even if he didn’t bow his head, he would be punished for being a thief! " Mr. Zhao said that his blood was boiling as if success was near at hand.
Yanchu’s heart was shocked. He was stimulated by the word "new emperor" and now he is just too much. If he can sit directly on the throne, who is too much?
"It’s just a gamble. When the time comes, such as Wan Mu’s, it will also defect. After all, the two families can’t afford to leave early! Isn’t Wan just looking at san huang’s potential now? If you want to be justified in Vientiane Palace, they will naturally choose a family. They always support orthodoxy. Who wants to follow the thief with their heads? " Mr. Zhang also got up and said
"good! In this case, sooner rather than later! The temple is fighting! The emperor should be like this. If you succeed, you are all heroes. If you fail, it is also the life of the temple. The temple will always try its best to keep you. "Yanchu got up on striking table and said.
"I wish the temple horse success!" Two counselors knelt down and said
Although Yanchu cried at times, he vaguely felt different. These people should kneel like this and have such an attitude.
After dark, a shadow flashed out of the back door, and no one found the man running all the way to Jiuhuang Mansion.
Yan Gui in the room looked at the kneeling person and laughed. "Mr. Zhang’s skill is getting better and better."
"I dare not waste my martial arts, but I save my life when I press the key!" Where is the dull Mr. Zhang after the man got up and smiled?
"It’s hard for the temple to know that you pay attention to Ann, and soon you won’t have to pretend to be Mr. Zhang." Yan Gui laughed.
"Hey hey is quite good, but the temple is going to? It’s not enough for the emperors in Beijing to have pro-guards in their hands. Once they really make it … we are all sticky fish! " Mr. Zhang is also the bodyguard Han Yundao.
"Then don’t ask him to make it. Remember that if you do it, you can retire and escape while the chaos is" Yan Gui said.
"That’s why I went back to the last shift and continued to be Mr. Zhang for a few days!" Han Yun laughed.
"Go" Yan Gui waved and laughed.

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