Suddenly Qiao face blushed and broke free from Qinchuan and continued to hang his head and go forward.
Then Qin Chuan looked at his left arm and looked Zheng.
Glancing at the double-headed fierce wolf who still covets himself through the semi-permeable ice wall, he suddenly bombarded the past with a flash of light in his eyes.
"Ow …"
A piercing scream mingled with the cave shaking violently, ice flying everywhere, dust flying and thick blood filled the air, and the fierce beast was born in a turbulent black gas and interrupted its breath.
"Look again!"
Qinchuan Chen took back the dragon ridge and followed it slowly towards the front.
Chapter 2 Healing
Ghost valley
Quiet spirit, full moon, hanging high, waving freely.
Many experts of the Sage Witch Sect in the Valley are still searching around, but it seems that suddenly the two people who broke into the forbidden area just disappeared, and they couldn’t find it.
Of course, the human-god tomb lies in saying it.
No one will take it as true.
However, at this time, Arroyo in Qinchuan has been exploring step by step in this suspected human-god tomb cave, and it has become more and more dangerous to go deeper into the stone chambers, but there are also many stone chambers containing many natural materials and treasures.
There are countless medicinal materials, precious iron, or some nameless instruments, many of which Qin Chuan has never seen before.
This makes him believe that there are magic babies in it.
"Don’t you Zhongyuan people all like babies? Why don’t you take them?"
Arroyo seems to have asked Qinchuan sarcastically. At the moment, two people are looking at the whole stone room filled with gold, silver, jewels and curiosities, all of which are somewhat surprised.
I have to wonder if this cave was really created by the descendants of Chiyou.
"Not interested"
Qinchuan Daoyi
Yellow and white things never care about themselves; And those instruments must be the weapons used by the people in the western Xinjiang in ancient times, and they can’t see them themselves; I don’t need the medicinal treasures for the time being. Anyway, I already know the caves here, and it’s not too late to come back and get them when I need them.
"Can you tell outsiders about this human-god tomb?"
Thinking about qinchuan couldn’t help asking one.
In my heart, I naturally want to keep this human-god tomb private, and Arroyo doesn’t want to spread it out. It’s impossible to find it here because it’s more wonderful than Monty’s phantom array except the dark door.
What’s more, the holy witch cult has nothing to do here in the Dark Gate of the Central Plains.
Smell speech Arroyo chuckle two natural look out of the qinchuan mind service road "in addition to my grandpa no one believes in human-god burial"
Suddenly, there was a flash of light in Qinchuan’s eyes, and the dragon ridge was now in the hands of murder.
"I give you two choices, you and I know or I know."
Arroyo smiled and bit her lip tightly. She was afraid of Qinchuan’s words. Of course, she could understand that if she told the story of Chiyou Tomb, she would be buried here, which means that even her closest grandfather can’t tell.
Should be a bit wronged.
Of course, she also knew that it was only a blink of an eye for Qinchuan to kill her.
"Then your grandfather is not a good man. Be careful of being taken advantage of."
Take back the dragon’s spine, Qinchuan said lightly, and no longer care about her just visible out of the stone room. Arroyo saved her life anyway. Out of kindness, Qinchuan decided to wake her up in a way that she could pretend to be an old man with inconvenient eyes and lurk beside Arroyo for such a long time. The so-called "grandfather" must have something to hide.
"What do you mean?"
Listen to what Qin Chuan said, Arroyo and Li scolded one, which seems to have some anger.
"My master said he was not blind. Do you believe it?"
Qinchuan cold way also don’t want to Arroyo wordy what happened to this western Xinjiang or Arroyo? I don’t want to take care of it myself, so I added, continue to move forward.
"I was kind enough to wake you up. Believe it or not, it’s none of my business."
"You say …"
Before Arroyo finished, suddenly the whole cave shook violently, and pieces of rock fell from the top of the cave, and the original burning flame flashed for more than a moment, then it was extinguished instantly, and the whole cave fell into darkness again.
In front of the tunnel, it seems that a huge beast is roaring.
"Roar …"
Then Qinchuan’s face turned black, and he heard Aloye cry in pain, which seemed to be hit red-handed by a stone falling from the ceiling.
One type by virtual wind Qinchuan heart could not bear to hold Arroyo’s arm with one hand and move back just now. In the stone room, a true yuan was released and condensed into several tough walls, firmly protecting themselves on all sides.
"Rumble …"
The whole Chiyou Tomb was still shaking in that deafening roar, and it took more than half an hour to completely calm down.
Then the lamps in the original tunnel lit up again, but the flames were still shaking and swaying.
"Shout …"
At the moment, Qinchuan just breathed a sigh of relief and withdrew Zhenyuan.
But I saw Arroyo leaning back against the rock tightly sipping his lips and eyebrows with a painful color, curled up his legs and clutching one of his ankles with his hands, and a scarlet self-finger spilled out. Obviously, he was injured by a stone falling from the ceiling just now.
"Are you all right?"
Qinchuan asked a pair of eyebrows slightly Cu together some pity.
Arroyo has no words, and her palm is slightly full of blood. She is about to stand up, but she seems to be badly hurt when she sits down because of injury and pain.
"Don’t move!"
With a sigh in the heart a qinchuan cold investing way
Then she squatted down to pick up Arroyo’s injured foot, regardless of men and women. Don’t take off her shoes to see a slim jade foot, white jade, glittering and translucent, but covered with blood. There is still a crack in her ankle, scarlet blood mixed with a little mud.
At the moment, Arroyo’s cheeks are flushed, but she still bit her lip. I don’t know if it is because of the pain in the wound or because the woman is sensitive to being grasped by the man.
Look much a few minutes in the girl’s shame.
But Qinchuan is not in the mood to think about it.
A gentle stream of true Yuan mixed with Daoism flowed into Arroyo’s wound to repair the wounds of flesh and bones. At this moment, Qinchuan can display the true Yuan after fusion, although it is not as pure Daoism, Arroyo’s suffering is just an external injury, and there is not much difficulty.

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