Blue son refused Ye Han request directly.

"You’re not? Are you still afraid of the dead? "
See blue son so direct Ye Han is even more direct. This girl looks daring and afraid to be afraid of the dead.
"Only … no!"
Laner directly denied it again, but the denial tone was not very firm, obviously some guilty.
"No, it’s not. Even a man who is about to be resurrected can’t hold it. What is fear? I really don’t know how scared you will be when you touch a dead person! "
Feel interested in Ye Han heart suddenly a happy busy so a face of nai said
"Hum, if I say no, it’s not. If you like hugging, hug yourself!"
Blue son is angry. This Ye Han must have listened to it on purpose. It’s not bashful to say this sarcastically. Hum, you know that you bully girls.
Ye Han smell speech immediately froze the blue son angry, she was angry.
But she’s cute when she’s angry …
"Who are you afraid of if you hug?"
Since the beauty is angry, you can’t be idle yourself. Let’s be angry together.
Ye Han angry said, I will run over to hold the white woman in the pit.
However, at this moment, he hesitated and looked back at a face of shame and anger, and Laner’s face was embarrassed.
"Well … it’s not convenient for you to give and receive to men and women without kissing me!"
Ye Han gave a good reason to put the blame on Laner. After all, he said that he was not very familiar with men and women who did not kiss their white women. It would be uncomfortable to pick her up like this.
"I don’t care. I’m with nine planets. How dare you say that you are not close to her men and women?"
See Ye Han unexpectedly found such a grandiose reason LanEr suddenly angry again busy table determined not to hold is not to hold.
Ye Han is depressed. Just now, Laner grew up, but I didn’t expect her to be so fond of playing childish.
"Forget it, it’s cheap, it’s stupid, and today’s throwing caution to the wind!"
Naiye Hanhao gives himself a better reason to say that he is not a woman. I’ve hugged a lot of women in my life. How can I hug one more?
Besides, it’s saving lives, not really taking advantage of others.
Save people. Yeah, that’s it!
Find the reason Ye Han but still a face of displeasure stared at the blue son hum don’t help? I can do it without help.
Thinking that he had turned and jumped into the deep pit.
However, as soon as he jumped out, he realized that the roots in this deep pit had no foothold, and at that time he was a little flustered.
As far as he was concerned, his body shape did not stop, so he went straight to the flat
Ye Han lost his call, and then he was awakened by his soft body. The flying tactic of the wind was running rapidly, which made his body float.
"Brother Chuckling is really going to take advantage of others?"
Just then, it was convenient for the deep pit to turn to a playful charming smile and know that it was Laner.
"You …"
Ye Han was angry that this girl didn’t help, and it’s just that she said something sarcastic.
Ahem, to be honest, it’s no problem that his chest trembled when he smiled, and Ye Han happened to look in such a straight line, which really made him feel a little absent
Fiercely swallowed a mouthful of saliva, but Ye Han secretly complained in his heart, which also made it impossible for people to live and seduce themselves so boldly.
Anyway, let’s save people first.
Looking away from Laner, Ye Han turned to look at the woman in white.
At this sight, he suddenly lost his mind again. On this day, the fairy girl was even pitiful in front of her eyes.
What makes him complain even more is that this woman is still on her own. If she is not in such a situation, she should really want to go elsewhere.
Naturally, this is not his favorite.
The most nai is that he actually panicked and directly pressed the female body from head to toe, so there was no deviation. If he hadn’t cast his flying tactic on the wind, the accidental kiss would have been difficult
Ye Han can’t help sweating at the thought of this. Oh, my God, I almost kissed a dead man. Although the dead man is a stunning beauty, how much does that feel a little scary?
Well, fortunately, this woman is not really dead. She will come back to life soon!
Ye Han finally feels a little better at the thought of this. Although he is not afraid of death, it is absolutely impossible for him to die so intimately.

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