Lopez nodded silently.

At this time, the commentator was crazy because of Li Cheng’s shooting just now.
"It’s a beautiful shot. Who else can stop him from scoring?"
"Indiana God of War, the king of pacers, can send the ball into the basket from an angle. He is so crazy, so crazy …"
It is an alternative praise for Li Cheng to boo violently at the scene. At this time, Mavericks owner Cuban is waving his fist and shouting, "Dirk, give him one!"
Then the Mavericks attacked Kidd and controlled the ball slowly. He controlled the ball very slowly, as if he would lose the ball if he tried to defend the player’s interference before, but no one in the league dared to break Kidd’s ball. Kidd’s slow dribbling contained a series of cold and murderous things.
Jack stood in front of Kidd with great vigilance. He was very attentive. Kidd’s horror was summed up in several nights. This guy can always send more than a dozen assists unconsciously. Moreover, the older a player like him is, the more demon he becomes. He is not a player who plays by his body. As he grows older, his experience becomes more and more rich, and he becomes more and more terrible.
Kidd methodically controlled the ball outside the three-point line. He slowly and unhurriedly pulled Nowitzki sideways to run from the line to the three-point line and prepare to catch the ball. rammstein’s range is his greatest threat to all teams.
Ibaka was a little confused when he was beaten against Nowitzki today. Nowitzki’s low singles and running were unprecedented for Ibaka.
This time Nowitzki threw Ibaka Granger to Nowitzki again. He clung to Nowitzki to guard his shooter and prevent him from catching the ball.
Nowitzki didn’t care if Granger ran to pick and roll Kidd and Dampier cut directly into the line. After the Pacers’ defensive formation was disrupted, the Pacers’ defensive formation contracted directly. At this time, Nowitzki quickly pulled Kidd to the side and hung the ball to Nowitzki. Granger became alert like a cat hunter.
But Nowitzki didn’t choose to shoot by himself. He gave the ball to Terry, touched the ball and threw it to the bottom corner outside the three-point line. stackhouse House raised his hand and scored a three-pointer.
Just now, Li Cheng hit a very beautiful two-pointer with his personal ability, but the Mavericks made a three-pointer with his team work.
Li Cheng shouted at the scene, "Don’t shrink the defense and don’t let them score three points."
Then I came back to Sung Jae Lee and took the ball outside the three-point line to face stackhouse Li Cheng and decided to singles.
"Old guy, you are old." Li Cheng still remembers his opponent who finally held the ball in singles last season.
Stackhouse is also very afraid of Li Cheng’s shooting, which reminds stackhouse that he is getting old, but his experience is getting richer and richer. While paying attention to defending Li Cheng’s shooters, he is always ready to prevent Li Chengqiu from breaking through Li Cheng. If he wants to interfere a little, someone will naturally make up for it.
Stackhouse knows how horrible Li Cheng is now, but he has not taken it lightly.
Li Cheng’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then his potential ball stackhouse moved Li Chengma back and forced him to shoot.
Stackhouse never imagined that Li Cheng would choose to force a three-pointer here. He thought that Li Cheng’s goal should be unlikely to hit. After all, Li Cheng should not have finished jumping up just now.
But for Li Cheng, sometimes asking him to throw the ball in his hand means that the final result will definitely hit.
The ball is still in the middle. Li Cheng has held out his left hand and raised three fingers.
Basketball gently rubbed against the wonderful sound of the Nets, and stackhouse watched and waved with her hands akimbo to celebrate Li Cheng.
"My time has really passed …"
At this time, stackhouse is not the one who fought for stackhouse in Iverson, 76ers. Now he is a veteran who lost his dream, lived happily and stubbornly on the basketball court.
Every generation of tianjiao can escape the roulette wheel spinning, and stackhouse is no exception. He hasn’t got the ring yet …
"It’s time to think about retiring. Maybe … after the end of this season!" Stackhouse thought silently.
Stackhouse, once a maverick, may have left nothing in this league. What he could have left was his ugly free throw posture when he was kicked out of the city by a rookie that year.
At this time, it was the Pacers who defended O ‘Brien on the sidelines. "Be careful not to shrink, as we discussed before the game."
Before the game, the pacers’ defensive arrangement was that except Li Cheng, the other four people kept a defensive tactic similar to the three-two joint defense, while Li Cheng kept an eye on Kidd. Before that, Jack kept an eye on Kidd, but it was because Li Cheng wanted to steal a little lazy, but now Li Cheng obviously can’t continue to be lazy
However, it is still very easy for Kidd to defend Li Cheng. Kidd’s breakthrough is not strong. Li Cheng’s defense is not in the line. He can be the first to attack when the Pacers change from defense to attack. It is no problem for him to make a quick break or organize a team attack.
Kidd defended the ball with his back, and Terry also ran and pulled Nowitzki’s ball.
Nowitzki has been trying to find a match here in Li Cheng since the German team was defeated by China in the Olympic Games, and directing the game was Li Cheng’s game, and the nba is the best place for them to settle their grievances.
Nowitzki is well prepared for this competition, and he really wants to win a victory in Li Cheng’s hand.
In fact, it is normal for Nowitzki to have such an idea. His idea is the common idea of all players who lost to Li Cheng in the Olympic Games. However, those players who are in the nba will get such an opportunity in the new season league, while those who are not in the nba can silently wait for a China team to meet.
"Let me see the best walker now," Nowitzki said to Li Cheng just after a game.
Li Cheng shrugged and said, "This is my arrangement by the coach, but I’m not the walker coach."
Nowitzki gritted his teeth. He didn’t speak again. Now the Mavericks are one point ahead of the Pacers, but this lead is based on Li Cheng’s failure to contribute. Nowitzki wants to beat Li Cheng instead of the Pacers.
"Then show your strength when you are on the field!" Nowitzki road
Li Cheng said simply, "I am a professional player."

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