Xiang Fang is teether roar loud.

"I will escort you out even if I die!"
"Hey …" Happy Bodhisattva showed disdain.
"A group of intellectuals, do you think you have a choice?"
When he was seriously injured, he was full of anger, his eyes were red and his hands were empty.
"Goddess, I can spare their lives if you go back by yourself, but it’s absolutely impossible to serve Goddess here …"
The voice did not fall
Happy bodhisattva expression suddenly froze.
Brahma is also surprised to look towards the side wall.
The wall is made of special fine steel, and I don’t know how thick it is. Even she didn’t want to break through the wall.
A bulge appeared quietly on the wall.
The bulge is getting faster and faster, and it gradually turns into two palms. The left and right palms are like tearing something.
"Crunch …"
"Zhi …"
The steel wall was torn by a big hand, and a crack was pulled out in the eyes of the public. A burly figure slowly came out of it.
"Shout …"
Zhou Jiachang vomited an one mouthful polluted air, dumped his head and looked at the sullen and happy Bodhisattva in the field and then grinned.
"Monk, where else can you escape?"
"Brother Zhou?"
Qian Xiaoyun blinked one leng stay leng.
Jiao Yuhua was dumbfounded, too. If she remembered correctly, the bearer seemed to be Qian Xiaoyun’s friend, the old guy who helped her find a famous doctor.
Chapter 2 Yin Xing
"Miss Qian?"
Seeing Qian Xiaoyun here also surprised Zhou Jia, but this is not the time to catch up, but to nod.
Xiang Fang’s beautiful eyes blink and her mouth is low
"Sister Qian, do you know … this elder?"
Qian Xiaoyun’s eyes changed and his expression was weird.
"Brother Zhou, I have known him for a long time. I often … make people unexpectedly think that it is so powerful!"
Xiangfang corners of the mouth slightly pumping.
As soon as Zhou Jia broke through the wall and appeared, the face of Happy Bodhisattva changed greatly, showing that he was a strong silver man.
Even the body injury of the Happy Bodhisattva may be caused by the other side.
Even after this!
Such a person should know Qian Xiaoyun.
Now that you know such a master, you still have to go. Jiao Yuhua was deceived for no reason, but he was in danger.
But it is obvious
Qian Xiaoyun didn’t know Zhou Jia was so good.
Black iron peak silver is just a step away, but it seems that there is little difference. In fact, it is a world of difference. For example, she never thought that Zhou Jia had broken through.
Maybe it’s because I’m too familiar that I don’t think much.
"This is impossible!"
Happy Bodhisattva stared at Zhou Jia, and his face trembled with fat.

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