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"It’s really good to say that it’s really good to pour out the magic spell in Weixianjun Dojo."

And the gifted demon clan has vaguely seen something else in the Taoist temple.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six The immortals
Taiyiguan is ancient and silent for a long time, and it is not affected by many people around you and the smell of demon dharma. However, with the revival of the ancient view, there seems to be a bit of detachment at this time, which makes it even more remarkable that this has turned into a top-notch blessed Dojo.
Too true gentleman Jiang looked at the demon group with detachment and self-possession and smiled gently. "It seems that today we really need to learn some methods of today’s demon family."
"Let’s see if there is any improvement compared with the Middle Ages."
When the group of demons heard the news, they couldn’t help but feel a twinge in their hearts. How can they forget this fairy who was reincarnated as a fairy? I’m afraid he can’t be mentioned in the same breath!
There is also a side where the true king of Wuyue has not lost his name even if he kept a low profile for more than 300 years.
In the middle of the fairy, Xuanxiao is not reincarnated as a master, but where can it be worse if Shenxiao is sent out?
After nodding to the blue-eyed snake king, the demon temple master couldn’t help looking at the spirit ape king with a somewhat respectful tone and asking, "Does the ape Weng mean what he wants?"
The king of the apes can live to this day and naturally knows the truth of seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages. Although some young people in the mountain serve themselves, it is not a big power to painstakingly manage. Even if "money is touching", he is also fighting for it.
This time, it was obviously the phase liu clan who encouraged him to get involved, although he was not weak but stupid.
Hard to get away from the body, even if you are not afraid of falling, you have to find a force to take refuge in.
"I’m used to being lazy this time, and I won’t get involved because I’ve got a few points."
The demon temple master looked the same, smiled and nodded and watched the old ape leave, but he was not disappointed.
It’s a good thing that this ape Weng is old and strong, and if he can take the opportunity to be absorbed into the demon temple.
Look at the front door that directly blocked Taiyiguan. King Ying Zhao couldn’t help itching.
He is also a loner, but this time he has a demon temple and phase liu clan, and his heart is wild and hard to accept
Besides, it’s hard for a Xianjun Dojo not to be tempted even if it’s a demon clan.
Even if he looks at the door and the immortals, he can’t be careless. If he is an unruly generation, Bai Xianjun will be reincarnated as a fairy.
Listen to Yue Ling, the immortal king of Wuyue, watching the demons debut. "The master here used to need your certificate for the Dojo, but since we have the heart, what’s the harm if we let you fight?"
Xuanxiao also nodded and looked calmly at the demon temple master and others. "It also needs to be complicated to set the rules of three games and five games, so you can do it together."
Three wonderful reality and Zhang Ziyang reality two fairy couldn’t help in the mind a smoke.
Play so big! ?
"Arrogance!" Ying Zhao king look a cold unbearable huffed.
Although your Taoist immortal is strong, our great demon also has the supernatural power of being strong and powerful.
Some people who were not strong enough or were involved in the fairy fairy and the fairy demon king were immediately scattered and accidentally injured.
This is a big fight!
Lively, lively, lively!
There are birds, and the demon king can’t help but manifest himself and deliver messages to all parts of Juku Island.
This is really a good show!
Nine yuan is the lion’s eyes staring at the blue-eyed snake king quietly and sneering. "The king has never eaten the fairy snake soup. The blue-eyed king will collect it well and give it to the master to decorate the golden hole!"
Blue-eyed snake king smiled coldly. "Nine spirits, you are getting more and more crazy!"
Nine yuan is neither salty nor light. "It’s enough for your master to wrestle with the abandoned sacred heart in the early days."
Hearing that this base is equal to the name of the magic palace leader, the blue-eyed snake king can’t help but feel sluggish.
He has something to say to qingwei xianjun!
The bodhi old zu had the heart to personally take the peerless magic to seek revenge, but even with the help of the magic force, his old man’s house could not chase people from the roots.
Moreover, Yuan Ling, the magic weapon, didn’t say it bluntly, but vaguely revealed that it was better not to get close to Taoist Qingwei.
That’s why they joined forces with the demon temple to seek revenge from the Lord. Let’s get some benefits first.
Even if you can’t swallow this Dojo, you have to squeeze something good out of it.
Jiang Yi and Yue Ling looked at each other and left the Lich Kings near the Star Cliff with a look.
Seeing a mass of unpredictable ginger overhead seems to have a chaotic shadow and colorful Qingyun rising out.
Jade Qing is too empty to tell the truth and Qingyun!
Yue Ling is also moving his head at the same time, and a heavy and colorful cloud is manifesting, which oppresses the nearby emptiness and makes the demons even more sluggish.
Jade deficiency, five parties and five mountains return to Yuan Qingyun!
The combination of the two clouds and the avenue instantly evolved into a deeper mystery, and the falling star cliff Fiona Fang was directly pulled into another heavy world in an instant.
This is no longer the case that one plus one is greater than two!
If a person from Fusang is sure to wake up the demon race, don’t let these two people join hands.
It seems to be unreal and illusory, but when I heard a majestic lion roar for nine yuan, I immediately showed my true body and rushed to the blue-eyed snake king. The golden lotus of the earth emerged enough to block most of the fairy level attacks
At the same time, the lion’s mouth is full of terror, which directly causes many lich kings to throw themselves into their mouths.
The demon temple Lord, the King of Ying Zhao and the King of Mountain Moving, another big demon, Teng Snake, also burst into breath in unison, manifesting himself and sending out a mighty momentum to attack the immortals.
Although the three wonderful real people are immortal, their swordsmanship is sharp, which makes the group of demons benefit, and their hands are already in a dark spell. From time to time, they choose the demon king’s hand that looks good.
Zhang Ziyang holds the Dan furnace in his hand, and the real fire is soaring, and the demons are screaming without destroying the "precious" part.
Are the top big high-level even if it’s just the fairy, the two of them will not be too worried about being waved in the fairy fight.
Jiang Yi, Yue Ling, Xuan Xiao and Jiu Yuan, the four immortals, are even more powerful and determined to make these monsters remember longer today.
Therefore, it is only a confrontation between the demon temple master and others, and his face changes.
Even if they are less, they are big demons in the middle of the fairy, but they also find it difficult.
"I’ll treat you to snake soup today!"
Wuji Xinghuangqi’s defense never has to worry about nine yuan, and he is still staring at the blue-eyed snake gentleman, and he is screaming at this phase liu demon.
"This lion is too wild!"
King Ying Zhao glanced at it and was hit by a Lei Guang. He couldn’t help saying, "What are the two treasures waiting for?"
In an instant, I saw that both the blue-eyed snake king and the demon temple master had terrifying qi qi to reveal their transcendental power, which made the dreamland turbulent.
"Bearing beautiful god forces things? No wonder there is confidence, but it is not peerless after all! "
Ginger’s eyes were cold, but he saw a handle in his hand, which seemed to end the manifestation of xianjian, and so did Yue Ling.

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