Calvin asked with some dissatisfaction, "Why don’t you plan to participate?"
"I’m just curious. I’m going to take the seventh step, and Gu Wu has five steps now … Will someone have already taken the sixth step?"
Ice Wan Ren sneer at a way "you see these powerful wushu, but you can’t see the meaning behind this wushu. It’s already a different way for wushu. Gu Wu? This is beyond the Gu Wu road. The enemy is not so easy to deal with this time … "
"The harder it is to deal with, the greater the benefit, isn’t it?"
Calvin sneer at a way "you should not still hold the old glory? Funny … Don’t want to make moves, don’t want to make moves. I’ll make moves. "
"whatever you want"
Ice Wan Ren stepped out to the door and couldn’t help but stop when he walked to the door. He looked back at Sun Cheng direction again.
"Limit OL…… …?"
He murmured.
Go back to your own independent residence
Terminal search "Limited" OL enters official website.
Ice Wan Ren exclaimed, "Updated?"
[Update Log]
[Fix several bugs]
["Limited" OL times updated to add a third career, Cangyun Xuanjia Cangyun, and the rebirth of the sword and shield is invincible! PS Cangyun Special Occupation Only special talents can join the chivalrous people. If you can’t succeed, you don’t have to be depressed. It is suitable for the public occupation and will meet the chivalrous people soon.]
[Due to the increasing number of Huashan brothers, it is difficult to rebuild their dormitory urgently, and it is far from water. It is difficult to solve the thirst. After discussion, the head and deputy head, Mr. Tai, and others decided to buy and sell the land. The land of Huashan School Chaoyang Peak is now allowed to be sold to the outside world. Every Huashan brother can buy different land sizes and prices according to his clan’s contribution, and the advantages and disadvantages of the land are different. First come, first served. Buy as soon as possible. After PS buys the land, the building must follow Huashan style. Huashan is majestic and inviolable! 】
[As the strength of the chivalrous men rises, it is difficult for the younger brothers to change the permanent clan system with the footsteps of the brothers and sisters. Please bring more skills to the players. The younger brothers and sisters should share weal and woe and benefit together! 】
"Is there a new clan?"
Ice Wan Ren could not help but exclaim in a low voice.
My heart was secretly shocked
Although he has never entered the "Limited" OL, the fact is no stranger to the "Limited" OL. He first joined the Songshan School and then joined the Huashan School, although he is still a new role in Macey.

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