This time Wu Tiantong’s fight was almost crushed!
In addition to the congenital guru Lin Paner, this is the first time that I have encountered such a situation. I have deliberately killed two people.
"What about crossbows and artillery?" Lin Yun Liudidan medicine is worried.
"Grandpa is far away in Beijing and won’t be back for a while."
"artillery?" Lin Paner Dan medicine lightly sigh a way
"This kind of thing is strong if it is powerful, but it can’t touch people at all. Nowadays, the advantage lies in people, not me."
Lin Yun Ryukyu and Moran
If you rely on the Lins’ accumulation in the mountains over the years, even the congenital master will not get any benefits, but this is Kunshan City.
There are many people in the city, and there are countless yellow ant armies.
They turned to be in a weak position.
Is the meditation between PanEr Lin was suddenly a mouth fierce vomit a blood arrow whole person spirit transient malaise.
A few people hurried around.
Lin Paner’s eyes closed and her voice was strong.
"Wu Tiantong’s true qi is strong, and my meridians are not so easily damaged."
"Master Yun" Lin Yun Ryukyu looked at an old man in the field with anxiety.
"What should I do?"
"Fire poison is hard to cure by Dan medicine now." The old man sighed with a face of nai blue.
"If only it were in the mountains, the mountain herbs could be the right medicine."
"Then take my aunt back to the mountain." Lin Yun Ryukyu and his face were cold.
"With a few of us, the yellow ant army can’t stop it!"
"No," the old man quickly dissuaded him.
"Miss Paner’s injury is not suitable for running around now, and even worse, the yellow ant army is searching for us all over the city, which is even worse."
"old cloud"
Keep aside Liu Mengyan’s mouth
"What medicinal materials are needed? If you don’t ask in the city and want to come, if it’s not too rare, you can raise all the money in the city."
"It’s not rare to do this." The old man nodded.
"I take paper notes."
Lin Yun Ryukyu waved to send pen, ink, paper and inkstone.

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