Bai Gong’s eyes darkened. "Please be careful anyway."

"Joke I will be afraid of those people?" Toffee gave a sharp smile. "You’ve lived in a human body for too long and you’re tainted with human stupidity. You want me to offer enough flesh and blood. I want to take good care of my body and get my real body back earlier …"
Watching the toffee disappear in the dark, Bai Gong slowly got up and was silent for a long time. He turned to the door and called out, "Somebody!"
A man came in from the outside.
Bai Gong whispered for a while, and the man turned away with a bow and a gift.
Ru Xiao Nan Qing Mo Yan has been staying here these days.
The doll was placed on a table full of spells, and the incense kept burning.
Lin Jingyi’s soul is like a shadow wandering around quietly.
"Lin Jingyi can’t go there," RuXiaoNan shouted. "There is the sun outside, and your soul will dissipate without your body now."
Lin Jingyi woke up like a dream and looked back at the bright sunshine outside.
Now she can no longer touch the sun, stay in a dark room or travel in the dark, and she can’t be too far away from that doll.
Looking at Lin Jingyi’s lost eyes, Ru Xiaonan supported Ba, "Lin Jingyi, do you want to go back to your original body?"
"I … can I go back?" Lin Jingyi surprised way
"Maybe," RuXiaoNan frowned. "I’ve never done such a thing. You can’t be like this forever without your body anyway. Either you go to reincarnation or you will be stunned, but I will wake you up. Even if you can get your original body back, even that body won’t live long."
Lin Jingyi bit his lip tightly.
It is a good choice for her to marry Taitai, which can protect her family and have a support. It is also good to treat her too much. Every time she comes to her house, she brings gifts and speaks softly.
Because he was too ill, he didn’t hide it from her, but he also said that blood was used to induce drugs. Since they were going to be together until they were old, she naturally wouldn’t be stingy with that little blood.
Taking blood for the queen mother seems to spoil her more. Every day, people cook blood tonic to give her. When she doesn’t want to drink it, she will personally feed her and coax her.
But she didn’t expect that it was the medicine that hurt her.
The more she drinks, the weaker she becomes.
Until one day she fell ill.
Taitai will still come every day. It seems that the doll he gave her is on her pillow to accompany her.
Even with too much care for her, her body is still weakening day by day. One night, she dreamed that the doll came to her and hugged her tightly.
She woke up from a dream with fright.
Open her eyes, she saw herself lying in bed, but she became a doll whose body could not move.
She watched Taitai come and talk with her "body" every day and take her "body" into the palace.
She was anxious and hoped to find out the secret too much, because there was no secret between husband and wife in bed, and she felt too sure to find out that she was abnormal.
But day after day, I finally didn’t see the clue.
And after becoming a doll, she discovered another secret.
He nursed her body carefully because he wanted to make her into a medicine to relieve the poison of other people.
Chapter 437 Lift too among the epidemic.
A Update the latest chapter of Shao Qing’s pet career in Dali Temple as soon as possible!
Lin Jingyi gawked at RuXiaoNan. "Can I really go back to my former body?"
"That body is you. Do you want to die like this and let someone else be an impostor?" RuXiaoNan asked.
Even if she is dead, she never wants to close her eyes like this.
She also wants to protect her family.
"By the way, you don’t even know it. Lin Fu … is gone." RuXiaoNan suddenly popped up a sentence.
This almost surprised the daylights out of Lin Jingyi.
"Lin Fu … Is it gone?"
"Yes, you really don’t know," RuXiaoNan said. "I also heard that Qing Mo Yan said that your brother was called to the yamen for torture because of the lawsuit, and somehow he died in the prison. A fire broke out in the house that night. I heard that Mrs. Lin was stimulated and went crazy. She set fire to herself and burned herself to death."
Lin Jingyi’s face gradually became ferocious.
The thin fog in the original body has also become familiar, just like the waves of the sea rolling before the rainstorm.
Ru Xiaonan was frightened. "Hey, don’t get excited. You will become a ghost, and there will be no way to go back to your body."
"Who did it …" Lin Jingyi said slowly, "Tell me who did it!"
She doesn’t believe that her mother will burn herself to death. She still remembers that her mother told her before she got married. When she can’t stay in Taifu, she will come back. With her mother, she can still retreat.
I didn’t expect that now she doesn’t even have a last resort
"Who else is natural?" RuXiaoNan muttered a sentence.
Lin Jingyi hung his head and the temperature in the room dropped steadily.
RuXiaoNan narrowed his shoulders. "Don’t be impulsive. It’s just that he came here, but you didn’t find it before."
"He lied to me" Lin Jingyi faint way.
"It’s no surprise that he cheated less." Ru Xiaonan disdained pie mouth.
"Are these all found by Lord Shao Qing?" Lin Jingyi will look at her.

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